**IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Team Yearbook Pages Now Open!

Greetings Teams:

The Team Yearbook page is your opportunity to share valuable information about your team with FIRST. The data collected helps FIRST track important statistics such as how much it cost your team to participate in the competition, the population of the team (e.g., male/female students, teachers, parents, non-technical professionals) and class breakdown. This information is helpful in FIRST’s efforts to procure funding.

Judges also use the yearbook pages at the Regional and Championship events. They learn important details about your team such us the history, goals and strengths, and challenges your team has overcome. Judges take all of this into consideration when they make decisions about team awards! Please note that we may use the robot photos you submit for the Awards Ceremonies.

For rookies unfamiliar with the process, you enter this data via the Team Information Management System at http://my.usfirst.org/ Simply log in as you did to register your team for events. Once in, you will see the “Edit Team Yearbook Information” button that will lead you to the pages. The pages will open today, February 4th, and will close on February 26th, at 5:00 pm EST.

Important Customer Service Note:
Last year, many teams waited until the deadline date to start inputting their information. Unfortunately, some teams had last minute problems that could not be resolved by closing time. Since we are against a strict printing deadline, we urge you to start and complete these pages ahead of the deadline date. This way if you have any problems or questions, Team Support will have enough time to help you. We have over 900 teams this year, and we want to be sure that each of you gets the help you need.

IMPORTANT Due to printing constraints there can be No Extensions. All yearbook pages must be completed on-line by 5:00 pm EST, February 26th.

Question: For Yearbook pages

our team had some miscommunication and did not submit a full yearbook page entry onto the TIMS system. my question would be that since this is a requirement outlined by the awards summaries, would our submission still be eligible for judging? If not, would it be possible to bring a hard copy of the yearbook page to the regional for judging purposes only and not for the actual FIRST yearbook?

Also, if anyone has the questions on their own computer could you please post or PM me?