**IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL**/Website, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List Award S

IMPORTANT FIRST EMAIL/Website, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List Award Submission Deadline Extended to Friday, 2/17/12 at 12 PM ET

Greetings Teams:

Due to a technical issue with TIMS and STIMS, we are extending FRC award submission deadlines to Friday, 2/17/12 at 12 PM ET for the Website, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List Awards.

Please have your team’s designated award submitter(s) login to their account to submit your team’s award(s) by the extended deadline.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Go Teams!

We are having “technical issues” with our robot. Can we extend our bag & tag deadline by a day as well? :rolleyes:

Only if the Bag crashes or the Tag shuts down prematurely…

I really don’t know what to say about this.

On one hand, I’m glad teams get to send in stuff that the server locked them out from.

On the other hand, people that went out of their way and sacrificed hours of sleep and points on late assignments to make sure their teams were submitted for awards.

Seriously, a whole day? Why not 6 hours?

I’ll just have to look at this as an opportunity to make my submissions better.

Maybe they need more than 6 hours to remedy the “technical issue”.

Indeed. The executive officer of my team and I were up until 2 am on Google Docs last night working on the Woodie Flowers award, and I had to miss half of my first class period so I could submit it on time. Evidently the server crashed not long afterward. It worked two ways, however, because our coach was in the process of trying to submit the Dean’s List nominations when it all crashed.

But then again, sleep doesn’t come in the KOP