Important FVC Software Template Information - Scholarship Information

Hello FVC Teams!

Software Templates:

Important!!! You must have EasyC 2.0 or the equivalent version of MP Labs, Master Code V7 AND the correct competition template for this year in order for your robot to compete. Teams without the correct materials will not pass inspection because the robots will not function properly on the playing field. Please see the attached document “EasyC Version and FVC Template Information v3.doc” for more information.


First Scholarship Alert:

We have just added a 2-page summary chart of FIRST Scholarships to the FIRST Website. This PDF file is easy to print and take with you. Share it with your FIRST friends; show it to your parents. You can use it to quickly identify which scholarships are offered in a particular state, which are available to FVC students, which are available to juniors, and which require a specific major or degree program. CHECK IT OUT. Go to]( and click on
"2007 FIRST

Scholarships Listed by State".

Scholarship Changes to Note:

Mercedes-Benz USA: DRIVE YOUR FUTURE Scholarship Award – the application deadline for this $2,500/year scholarship for students who are in the first generation of their family to attend college or vocational school has moved up to 2/23/07. Be sure to get your application in on time.

The University of Central Florida has extended the application deadlines on their in-state ($2,500/year) and out-of-state ($9,000/year) scholarships to March 20th.

ITT Technical Institute has 17 participating campuses that are each offering a $9,000/year scholarship. These campuses are in AZ (Tempe and Tuscon), CA (Sylmar), IN (Indianapolis), MI (Canton, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Troy), MO (Earth City), NY (Albany), OR (Portland), TX (Houston, Richardson, San Antonio, and Webster), VA (Richmond), and WI (Green Bay). See detailed description for individual deadline dates.

NEW Scholarships:

The University of Massachusetts at Lowell has just generously offered a FIRST scholarship from the College of Sciences for $4,000/year (deadline 4/15).

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a FIRST student who is admitted to their College of Engineering. The application deadline for this year will be 4/30.

The Cleveland Institute of Art, in recognition of the creativity shown by FIRST participants, is offering two $5,000/year scholarships. The Institute offers 16 majors, some of which are digital arts, integrated media, film/video/photographic arts, industrial design, biomedical art, and communication design. The application deadline is 3/1.

EasyC Version and FVC Template Information v3.pdf (624 KB)

EasyC Version and FVC Template Information v3.pdf (624 KB)