IMPORTANT - Need license file!

I recently had to re-install windows on my laptop, and when i re-installed Labview, i realised that i had forgotten to save the liscence file!

if you have the file available, PM me so that we can figure out how i can get it.

if you have a running version of LabView, that was downloaded, not gotten from the CD, the file can be copied from “C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\Licenses\LabVIEW_FRC_PKG_080501.lic”

thanks to anyone who replies with the file, i need it soon, as i’m in the middle of several projects.

Under License Manager I have a folder called Bin, it is 41 MB and I don’t see anything that has FRC in the name.

sounds like you have the dvd installed version of labview. i just realized that that version won’t have the file.

the only version that contains this file is the downloaded one – if you download it, you have to manually add the licence file


Do you still need the license file, I have it uploaded? Send me a PM if you need it.


i do still need it, but… you have CD set up so i can’t PM you…

sorry for the late reply…

You have to add me as a friend, but if that doesn’t work. Email me here.


it says that you have chosen not to recieve mesages from other users – check your CD settings…

since i’m in the middle of a major comp rebuild (hence the lost labview file) i don’t have full email yet…

try PMing me, i have pm’s enabled fully, so you should be able to send me the mesage, then we can talk…

The issue has been resolved and the missing file has been found.