Important News about the Autodesk Design Award

As you may have noted, the link to register and upload your entry for the Autodesk Design Award is now available. So, if you are getting close to completing your robot design in Inventor (or your animation entry) make sure you check this link on the Student Community.

In addition, on Thursday we will posting some very helpful information on the criteria used by the judges as they review all this year’s great entries. Check it out on Thursday.

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting some tips on my blog about how to get the best out of your entry. This includes project files, Pack and Go, creating drawings, and the Design Criteria.

The deadline is getting close, so all the best over the next few days.

I’m a bit confused on what you mean in your blog:


It is very important that the CAD manager of the team distributes the project file and directory structure to all team members.

Let me know how this works for you.

Any comments please add to the blog or email me at [email protected]


Quick question:

Is the information in the 1000-character summary supposed to be similar to the 50-word design challenge statement, or is it supposed to summarize the contents of the award entry?

Thank you!
Lydia Johnston
Team 1983


The 1000 Character Statement can be left blank or you can copy your design intent statement (50 word maximum) into that space. It is just a display area for your entry, if you want to use it. The submission of the required .pdf is done in the submission page.

Hopefully that helps!

Kim Campbell-Djuric
Manager of Education Strategy & Relations, MFG Industry Group


My preferred method of working is to identify an individual to act as the point person, what I call the CAD Manager. To ensure that all team members use the same directory structure and project file setup, the CAD Manager gives a copy of the project file and directory structure to each team member. Many of the issues we see each year come from missing files, particularly Content Center files. A well managed setup prevents this problem.

Is anyone having problems getting into the site right now?

Yes, we had the same problem, we were just trying to access the upload page. After the page failed to load, I contatced Autodesk technical support who said they’d get people working on it. I hope that we have it live soon as the deadline is less than 24 hours from now…

Also, on in the awards tab, the bottom link which says:

“Already registered for the Award for Excellence in 3D Design? Click here to log in.”

Takes you to the log on for the 3D Animation competition o_0

P.S. The Registering link is now live again, but you can’t log in at the moment because of the above said mistake. I am going to try setting up a new account and see if that works. However, the regular log on needs to be fixed still.

Seems to be back on line - we did a preview and submit and all was well!


We are still unable to get to it, the registering capability is online, but we already have an account registered for our team. It won’t let us make a new one.
If we try and log-in with our previous account, we get rejected, even when we know that we are using the correct login and password. I see that you are still online Vince, I am PM-ing you with my phone number in hopes that you can help!


I am monitoring any issues that may occur. Keep trying to upload, but don’t worry…we will make sure your entry is submitted.


Looks good!!

I too am having issues - I was able to submit everything but the .zip file at roughly 2:00 AM EST this morning. I have been trying every ten minutes since I got up this morning. I emailed [email protected] about this problem.

I have reached 100% on the .zip upload three times, but each time it gives me an error. I was running Google Chrome each of those times.

The .zip is rather large at 655 MB - Phil, is there a file size cap that would cause this problem?


Hi Phil and Others.
I was able to submit last night at about 6:30. However, It turns out that I uploaded the wrong file for the packngo/directory. I have been trying to resubmit under a different email address, however it seems that the Skild site is not up long enough for me to upload the .zip. Everything else is working fine. Currently, we have just under 10 hours left, and I am in a rush to get that .zip to the right people. What should be done in our scenario?

On top of the problems with creating a new account, since we already created one a week ago. We had a rude awakening this morning. We got to school an hour early to work on this submission. Our school network and internet are down, we can’t do anything…

Our school district is trying to help us, but our team is pretty depressed, because we think we may not get a chance to upload. Phil,I don’t know if you are planning an alternative, if you could please pm us your email, if our network comes up then we can send you what we have, if we can get to our software, model, documentation and everything…

I hope that things will work out for us and other teams in peril.

That’s really unfortunate, best of luck to you guys… I remember back when I was in high school when the network was down and we couldn’t do anything about it. It really stalled the CADing process.

Well, phew. We are back online. Our network is up and so is internet. When we try to create a new account on the register for the Autodesk Excellene in Design award, it still says that we are using an Incorrect Team Number.

Maybe it’s thanks to our first account which we still can’t access… It recognizes that our team already made an account…?

P.S. The register page is down again, we are planning on trying to create a new account with our team as
1983(proxy) or 1983.1 to see if it works…

Is anyone else seeing exceedingly slow upload rates? We have been uploading our package and we are only at about 50% after 2 hours of upload. This is also pretty scary for the CAD team because that rate would predict that our upload won’t be done until after the deadline time.

Any ideas?

team 461 tried to upload our submission, but the website was down from around 7:30-now. Are we still able to upload this or not?
Thanks, on the behalf of 461,


I just got a phone call that a team had tried to uplaod a very large file and it effectively blocked the pipeline. To any team that has been trying to upload or uploaded an incorrect file, email me at [email protected] and I will make note of your team number.

As noted previously, panic not. If you have not been able to upload the file by the deadline due to system issues we will resolve those for you asap.