Important question regarding starting position of balls in the BOT

hey guys, my build team just posed a tricky question, which im almost 100% sure the answer is positive

the question is wether or not balls are allowed at the start of the match (we are speaking of the 10 autonemous balls) to be under pressure, what I mean is

we have a conveyer belt to push the balls up our bot from the floor, the coveyer belt puts the balls under a very strong amount of pressure so they will go up easily, are we allowed to put the balls in that stress-position before the start of match?

also on the same question, can we put balls on the floor beneath our bot?
thank you very much.

You are allowed to put balls anywhere in your robot before the match. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to power up to do so though, so you might need to design your conveyor belt so the balls can be inserted and put under pressure by hand.

The floor underneath your robot would not be considered on your robot, so that would be a no.

Also, and I’m sure you’re aware of this, but all balls must be easily visible. If you are allowed to keep balls underneath your robot, they must be seen.