Important Question!!!!

Okay, now… I have 3ds max 4.2 still installed, right? It’s acting weird. I click on the shortcut (double-click), and you know what happens? Nothing! I even repaired AND reinstalled it! Any ideas?:confused: :frowning: :confused:

What operating system are you running? I might be able to help

If you got that far (where it asks if u want to use the z-buffer, directx, open gl) then u might’ve selected one that your video card dosent support. If your not sure, always go with the z-buffer…if you’re not getting that far, lemme know, and like the last guy said, post your OS and everything (beleive me, it matters! lol). Hope this helps any!

The same thing happened to me with 3DS and other programs. You know what the cause was? A VIRUS! So I updated my virusscan software to McAfee 6.0 and burned that crazy virus. Then I reinstalled Windows. Now it works fine.

try the discreet support board

you need to register but its free and everyone on the board seems to know what they are doing.

Should have just removed Windows…