Important! Youth Team Members Required to Complete Registration

I’m assuming everyone else got the email including the following statements:

" all Youth Team Members are required to complete the online youth registration to participate in FIRST remote and in-person team meetings, events, or competitions."


“Registration must be completed prior to the youth member’s participation in their team’s first meeting”

How can they require the students to register before attending in person meetings? Does anyone else have a problem with that? Am I reading their statement wrong? I don’t think my team meetings fall under their program necessarily.

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I think FIRST is going to have a very challenging time enforcing this policy. Plenty of teams that register to participate in virtual “events” are going to have students attend their in-person meetings that aren’t registered with FIRST. I see pretty much no way for FIRST to ensure teams are registering their students.

I understand that FIRST needs to do something like this for liability reasons… but it’s a pretty awkward and unenforceable requirement.

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We consider ourselves lucky if we get completely done before our first event.




Does this include that release form that states you have to wait fourteen days from having any symptom before doing in person FIRST activities again?

I just had to redo my first consent form for the third time this season. (Not really a big deal just a couple of clicks, but getting parents to do it is like pulling teeth.) It total kills any motivation I had for getting the youth sign up early. :frowning:


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