Imported STL Files

(Edit STEP for STL) - too much 3d printing.

Trying to design in Inventor, creating own parts and working with them I can get by, but I’m stuck with imported files. We have opted to build our own drivetrain this year and I’m importing STEP files of 1X2 Stock. How do I import a part and edit it to the correct dimension? This should be simple, but I’ve battled it for a while and it’s beating me. Thanks.

For simple stock shapes, you’re probably better off making a new part, sketching the profile, and extruding to length.

If you really need to cut an imported part, first you’ll want to save a copy just in case you need to revert to the original or use the original somewhere else. Then you need to make a 2D sketch on the face for the cut, draw the appropriate profile, then “Extrude -> Cut” the part. Make sure you “Extrude -> Cut” rather than the default “Extrude -> Join”. Double check your extents and selected profile. Once you have what you want, accept the preview and your part is modified.

Thanks, as you said, for basic stock it took me far less time to just recreate it.