Importing 3476's CAD to Onshape

3476 Code Orange makes incredible robots every year, and they have generously released their CAD files for 2019 and 2020. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to upload them into Onshape. I downloaded the zip files and extracted them into a folder. Onshape didn’t let me upload the unzipped files and prompted me to upload the zip file:

Next I tried uploading the zip file, but it required renaming the zip file to the root assembly name. Then, I renamed the file to (the name of the largest .SLDASM file), which got me a different error of translation is not supported for zipped STEP files.

I’ve imported many FRC robots into Onshape without running into this problem, so it’s possible that Onshape is simply incapable of importing assemblies in this format.

I would greatly appreciate any help to solve this problem. If I can get it to work, I can post the onshape links to make it easier to view these awesome robots.

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I exported their 2020 cad from sw as a .step and uploaded it into onshape. It took a while but it worked. There were a few errors but most of it’s there.

Link to doc


Probably too late for this year, but you could always apply for a SolidWorks sponsorship (as many free licenses as there are members of your team). Even if you only use it to view other teams’ work. The application is pretty short and easy, I think it comes out in summer.

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have a solidworks license, but I might be able to ask a mentor.
@ACrazyChipmunk would you mind changing the sharing settings so that I can make a copy? My team has a ‘Robot Library’ folder in onshape where I would like to put it.

Also, I would be very grateful if someone has an onshape link or step files to their 2019 robot as well.

I updated the settings on the doc. You should be able to copy it now.

I’m uploading their 2019 bot currently. I’ll share the link when I’m done.

Nonono, the meta is to brigade SW threads telling users to use Onshape… Not the other way around.



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