Importing assembly into an assembly...


I am trying to import an assembly of an arm (with constraints etc) into another assembly drawing (the entire robot)… When I import the finished assembly of the arm, it acts like a solid object in the new assembly (of the entire robot) How can i get it to maintain its contraints etc when I open it into the new assembly? Is it even possible?



Same thing is happening to me. HELP



I encountered this late last year when I was putting together our flailer system. I was waiting till this year to prove it, but here are my theories on what you need to do? If i understand correctly you want some pieces of your arm to move in the new assembly. I’m pretty sure there is no way to move the arm assembly as you have it. Each part that will move in any way will need to be assembled in the final assembly. Then you can use your motion constraints etc… If anybody else has more input on this I’d love to hear it.



If thats true, that sucks…

So if I was to create a bunch of different sub assemblies, I couldnt put the finished, constrained assembly into a final assembly along with the rest of the finished parts?



i am curious how you are doing it beause i have been working with inventor for a long time now and i have never had that issue…

what version are you guys using (7?)

and if you are just using the place compoinent feature in the new assembly?

if you give me some detials I will mess with it and get back to you shortly



If it’s anything like solidworks there will be a little checkbox hiding in the properties of the sub-assembly.

I have no example to play with, but if I were you I would try playing with the following settings:

Right click on sub-assem in tree view -> Occurance tab -> check box labled “Degrees of Freedom”

Right click on sub-assem in tree view -> adaptive

I really don’t know what either do, but they sound about right :slight_smile:




What I am trying to do (with Inventor 7) is place a finished (working) arm assembly into another assembly of the robot. The problem is that when I “place component” and select the assembly… it opens just fine, but it acts like a solid object and no longer maintains the contraints and thus, wont move like it did.

Make more sense?



I simply think that whatever you want to move has to be placed and constrained in the assembly file that you want it to move in.



I got it to work, I simply had to click “adaptive” as well as removing the grounded feature.