Importing data from file via drivers station/smartdashboard

I know data can be uploaded to the RoboRio via ftp, but I’m wondering if there is a way to import the data into the SmartDashboard and then use “getdata” or “getentry” to load it into the robot during an init or periodic phase? We are looking at a way to upload a course/track to the robot based that has been created in a file format on the pc (CSV, text file). We are programming in Java.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rich Meesters
Cybergnomes 2013

Trusting network tables to transfer data like that has always been problematic for us. We’ve always found a batch file that uses sftp to transfer the text file to be a more consistent method.

There’s been a major reworking of NetworkTables for this season that fixes most of the old problems with it. I’ve found it to be reliable during my development of shuffleboard

What’s the CD consensus on SmartDashboard? I’ve not had the best reintroduction to it personally, but I’m hoping that my first impression is atypical.