Importing NavX in Visual Studio Question


Hey, I was trying to use some code from last year, but when I moved it to Visual Studio, I got this error:

I believe I’ve installed the NavX libraries correctly (I did it the same way I did the CTRE libraries, which are working fine):


All of the solutions I can find online are for Eclipse and I’m new to Visual Studio so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Right click on your build.gradle, and one of the buttons should be Update project configurations. Click that and see if that helps.


@Thad_House I’ve tried Update Project Configuration, deleting and re-installing navx_frc.json, the Java: Refresh command, and Java: Clean the Java language server workspace. None of them seemed to have any effect, though. :cry:


Ok. In the bottom left of vscode, there is a JAVA DEPENDENCIES tree. Expand that entire tree, and post a pic. I need to see what’s in the external libraries part of the tree.


Thanks so much for your help. Here are pictures of the Java Dependencies tree



Ok, I think that’s something wrong with the json file you got from kauai. Where did you get it, did you use their installer? I wonder if somehow you got a beta version.

Can you replace the entire contents of the navx json file with what’s here.


It worked! Thanks again for your help!