Importing vexpro cad files to solidworks

I just got solidworks on my home computer and I was wondering how to import the cad files from Vexpro onto an assembly in solidworks. Clicking on the download cad files button in Vexpro just creates a zipped folder. How do I transfer this to Solidworks?

You can unzip the zip file and you should get a .stp file (or .step, it’s the same thing). You can then open that in solidworks, and it will import it (may take a few minutes depending on the file size). From there, you can modify and save it like any normal solidworks file.

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In addition to what Ari said above, many files from VEX are STEP files. In SolidWorks when opening a STEP Assembly nothing will be mated together although it will appear fully assembled, so I would suggest Fixing (basically locking everything in place) the assembly so dragging it around won’t cause it to explode.

I don’t know how up to date this is, but Spectrum 3847 put together a CAD library specifically for Solidworks here that has a ton of stuff that you don’t have to import each thing you need separately:

Here is our team import prices, which I wrote up some time ago.

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