Improved IFI Wheels

Original IFI Wheel:

Modified IFI Wheel:

Close Up: Close Up.jpg

Looks interesting, but what do y’all aim to do with it?

Basically it is meant to strenghten the integrity of the wheels.

By putting in a 5/8" bearing?

I’m curious if anyone has had problems with these wheels? Our screws kept backing out even after loctite and good torques. They don’t seem to handle the shear/vibration happening when getting torqued. They also seem to flex enough to cause chain misalignments under hard turns. Last night we had to take all the roller bearings out of them and make long brass bushings to go all the way through the wheels as our 3/8" shafts kept bending and we completely smashed the roller bearings in 1 wheel. So far this has solved the flexing problems but I don’t like riding on brass bearings. I think They’re a great idea, but their modularity may be a serious weakness. I hope I’m wrong and we’re just having bad luck.

What Loctite did you use. If it was the blue (low strength) then yes they still back out, but they should be good with the red (high strength) loctite.

As for the wheels deforming and causing chain miss alignment we have never had that issue, even with hard turns.

Seconded. Our kids put red Loctite in the wheels, and they’ve held up marvelously though rookie drivers and me writing “JVN is a dweeb!” on them. So far, we’ve only had one chain problem, and we’ve got that one about nailed.

Just as soon as we got them out of the boxes, red Loctite (271?) was applied in copious amounts. A few hours later, we realized that we needed to get them apart to align the shafts in the bearing bores, and wasted most of an evening taking them apart again.