Improved Point Selection and Modification for LabVIEW Trajectory Library

I asked a student of mine to work on understanding how to use the LabVIEW Trajectory Library developed by JSIMPSO.

In the process, he updated parts of the code to allow for easier point generation and modifications. Instead of generating points by typing in coordinates, our modified code allows users to drag points on the trajectory to manipulate the path. It’s a small improvement but I think it is one that has sped up our ability to use the library. We wanted to share this with the CD and FIRST community.

Our documentation can be found here:

Our updated code can be found here:!116&authkey=!AFWjZ923vCa1e-w

All questions, feedback and comments are welcome.

Hi. That sounds great. The path generation tool started as a quick and dirty testing tool and morphed into its current form. I’ll be happy to look at the changes and incorporate them into the base if possible.

The GitHub for the utility source is here.
It would be great if you added an enhancement issue with details of the changes and a pull request.

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