IMU Help Please

Our Team recently purchased the nav6 IMU, and we now face the challenge of programming it. We found the sample code and the IMU class online, however we cannot figure out how to incorporate the IMU class into our code, anyone have any Ideas?

  1. First, install the latest nav6.jar file:

    In this zip file, extract the nav6.jar file, which is in the zip at /crio/java/build/nav6.jar.

    Place the nav6.jar file in your <user directory>/sunspotfrcsdk/lib directory (the same directory where the wpilibj.jar file is already present).

    The sunspotfrcsdk/lib directory is typically at C:\Users&lt;YourName>\sunspotfrcsdk\lib

  2. Add references to the nav6 java library classpath to your robot project.

From within Netbeans, select your project in the project tree, then:

Project -> Properties

Java Sources Classpath

Add JAR/Folder

<user dir>\sunspotfrcsdk\lib

  1. Initialize the nav6, and output information to the dashboard, as shown in the nav6SimpleRobotExample.

  2. Finally, integrate the nav6 into your robot software by using the values from the nav6. There are some examples discussed in the nav6 wiki, in the “Application Examples” section.