In emergency need of DC motor controller

We are at an event in Peoria Illinois and are in emergency need of a motor controller. The motor controller is controlled by an arduino and controls a linear actuator. The acuator draws 33 amps, so we need at least a 40 amp motor controller. Does anyone within 6 hours of Peoria Illinois have a 40 amp motor controller?

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Why not use a Talon SRX? That’s a readily available motor controller that can handle 60 amps continuous and can be run by an Arduino over PWM.

Edit: I suggest the Talon SRX (or the Victor SPX, as @kingc95 suggests) because it’s a controller that someone at the event is likely to have on hand as a spare part, since they are very commonly used.


Victor SPX as well, but it doesn’t have a metal body to act as heat dissipation. That may be relevant if sustaining high amperage continuously.

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CRC Hobbies may have something that will work. They don’t open till noon though.

An excellent suggestion. These three have essentially identical electrical capacities:

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