In events with remote judging, are awards decided before the event?

I was wondering for events that used remote judging if awards were decided before the event? So your performance on the field and at the competition wouldn’t matter as much as the actual virtual interview?

In Ontario at least they don’t hand out awards other than the finalist/winner awards until Tuesday night for the district 1-day events. They also judge the day 1/2 events together as a weekend so it appears that at least some of the awards are finalized partly based on the competition performance.

Some of the awards also need some “proof of performance” I expect too that need the competition in order to make final decisions.

I was a judge (remotely) for the Lake Superior Regional. Even though judging was remote, there were a couple of judges on-site observing matches (but not talking to teams). The judging group met (via Teams) Friday evening during the event to determine awards. In normal, in-person judging, judges also meet Friday to discuss their interviews, but they can also use Saturday morning to conduct any follow-up interviews that are needed to help separate teams that they are having a hard time choosing between for an award, which is certainly nice to have!

Overall, I was very pleased with the process, both as a judge for LSR and as a mentor for a team at Northen Lights that same weekend. Of course I would prefer in-person given the choice, but overall things worked quite well.


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