In FRC Spyder What Do these mean

So my team has been using FRC Spyder for a couple years now and we still don’t know what OPR, DPR, and CCWM mean…
Can someone explain what they stand for and what they mean…?

OPR - Offensive Power Rating
DPR - Defensive Power Rating
CCWM - Calculated Contribution to the Winning Margin
They’re all statistics that attempt to figure out how effective your robot is at winning the game. This post links to Ed Law’s whitepaper and his wonderful explanation on the subject.

There are multiple threads covering these acronyms and what they mean. They are worth a read. One major point to be aware of is that these stats are more useful in some games vs others.

The short versions:

OPR stands for “Offensive Power Rating,” and is primarily used to determine the contributing power a robot contributes to an alliance. The higher the OPR, the more scoring power a robot will have.

DPR stands for “Defensive Power Rating,” and is used to determine how defensive a robot is. It works the [strike]same[/strike] opposite as OPR, the [strike]higher[/strike] lower the better.

CCWM is “Calculated Contribution to Winning Margin,” and is used to describe how much of a positive impact a robot brings to an alliance. Higher CCWM indicates more good things will happen to the alliance during a match such as drawing the defense away, providing secondary scoring, and so on.

You can check Ed Law’s presentation on OPR and CCWM here. I do have a file by Ed Law also on DPR if you want to look at that too. I don’t remember how I managed to find this, but I will PM you the file if you would like to see it.

If you’re using the Android version, there’s a menu item on the Team Stats tab with a question mark icon that displays definitions for these terms.

Was that a typo?

That was not. That was me misunderstanding the stat. Thanks.