In Honor of Einstein Semifinals Match 2

After witnessing the best match i’ve seen this year in FRC, I made this just to show appreciation to Team 330, The Beach Bots.


Have you asked team 330 for use of their team and robot on shirts?
If not, I suggest you ask before selling these.

Technically Semifinal Match 3 of 4.

I’ve heard a few people joke about doing something like this, but I never thought somebody would actually do it…

We need to see if our screen-printing sponsor will do special run for IRI. :wink:

According to Blue Alliance, this was Einstein Semifinals 1 Match 2.

One of my teammates brought up an interesting point: our hook was winched in when we fell in the semis.
This looks like it was traced from after finals 3. The pins for the 2nd stage hook locked back in place before the hook could swing up so we couldn’t latch on and climb.
Regardless, it’s great to see that somebody put in the effort to design a shirt just for that moment.

Einstein Semi-finals 1, Match 2

So, the 3rd match played during the semifinals on Einstein.

In FMS terms yes.

But I would call it Semifinal 1 Match 2

I think this may be the only immediate benefit that comes out of 2champs…

Great design!

How does the split championship impact the FMS designation of matches?

Would definitely buy one of these shirts if possible.