In Introduction from a l33t viking

Y Helo thar!

Ok. Now that I have that out of my system, hi. I am the first member from Northern Force (team 172) to sign up, and I must extend my compliments indeed. Great site you run!

Anyway, my name is Sean, and I’m the student leader for the programming team. I also run a website for a game making company we’re starting - Check it out! We have message boards :slight_smile:

One thing though, that I would like to get other team’s opinions on - how do you do the design? Each year we sit down as a whole team and propose suggestions and vote on them, but there are always way too many n00bs, so the robot turns out WAY more complicated than it needs to be, and generally doesn’t work very well. This year I’m really taking a stand in saying it needs to be simple, so hopefully they’ll listen to me :confused:

Well, again - great site. What message board system did you use? I’ve seen it on and I’ve been curious about it for awhile.

The system here is vbulletin, if that’s what you’re asking. I’m sure Brandon Martus could provide you with tons more details. He’s using tons of his own modifications and whatnot.

For the message board, Alex is right. CD uses vBulletin (which is a very famous (but pricey) message board).

As for the rest of the post, what exactly are you asking? What do you mean by design?

If you mean designing the robot, then any of these boards will better suit your needs.

Welcome to the CD community by the way!

I mean how do you actually arrive at a final design? What’s your process? Ours works, but the design is too complex and the newbies don’t realize that it can’t be that complex (we tell them, but they don’t get it until they see it)

That might actually be the best way of teaching them. Experience tends to work far better than anything else can.

If you don’t want them to mess up your site, let them create a new (and separate) page. Better yet, try showing them other examples of bad web design. They’re definitely not hard to find…