In Memorium Sub-Forum?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to have an “In Memorium” Sub-Forum. It is sad when someone from the FIRST family passes.

I didn’t realize, for example, that Steve Stark passed away this week. I’m sure that if I didn’t log in for another day, that message would no longer have been on my portal feed. Having a dedicated sub-forum would make it much easier to keep all of these sad posts in one place for people to look at from time to time.

Despite the seemingly all too often sad news in our community, I am not sure that such a sub-forum is appropriate. I think a sub-form would, in a way, normalize the topic of loss - and I don’t think anyone wants that.

In retrospect, I should have placed the thread about Steve in the User Announcements for more visibility.

Feel free to disagree with me, but my thought is that there should be no memorial sub-forum at the risk of detracting from the magnitude of a loss and the uniqueness of the individual.

My apologies for not responding sooner.

I have to respectfully disagree with you. Rather than detracting from the loss and uniqueness of the individual, it will allow more people in the present and future to see who has been part of the FIRST family and what they have done, contributed, influenced, etc., both in and out of FIRST. I fear these amazing and wonderful people will be forgotten over time. The sub-forum would allow them to be remembered.

How frequently would you be checking this obituary sub-forum? I feel User Announcements is appropriate.

I do not think CD will be most people’s go-to place for information about the passing of a community member. When Steve Stark passed away, I heard about it first through team channels, then social media, then a FIRST email, and finally a CD post came out. I’m sure most people connected to him and Southern California FIRST had a similar experience.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to revive the Unsung FIRST Heroes instead?

I do like the core of the idea. What about a locked sub-forum to archive the In Memorium threads, after they’ve spent their week in User Announcements? (I don’t know what normally happens to User Announcements posts…)

I spent 12 years very active in the L.A. area with FIRST. I was a member of the Regional Committee, as well as two teams. I traveled to various regionals to volunteer, being requested to be the Field Supervisor in San Diego it’s first three years.

I moved out of California 5 years ago.

I did not hear about Jim Beck’s passing until I sent an email to inform some people about Mark Leon’s passing and was sent a response back.

I don’t check CD on a daily or even weekly basis, unless it’s build season or I’ve posted something. Therefore, I’d check the sub-forum when I did come on to the site.

User announcement posts are typically setup to re-direct to the general forum after x days but can be moved to another per request. Typically we approve most user announcements if they are of benefit to the CD community as a whole.