In Memory of David Beck- Team 103, Cybersonics

In honor and memory of founder and lead mentor of team 103, David Beck, MORT team 11 and Team Mercury 1089 have created bumper sticker sized decals for all robots in attendance at the Championship Event. Please stop by 11’s pit in Galileo for one sticker for your team’s robot. Note that only one will be given to each team in Atlanta. Team 1089 will have commemorative buttons to hand out in Curie. A big thank you to 1089 for partnering with us in honoring Mr. Beck and to our sponsor Chameleon Design Solutions for printing the decals for us. We love you guys.

There are limited numbers of both items so please try to respect us in asking that first and foremost, people and teams who knew Dave the best receive buttons first and that teams send over a mentor to get a sticker from team 11.

Take care everyone, and see you Thursday. Please keep team 103 and David Beck’s family in your hearts and prayers.

thank you team 11 & 1089 for making up the stickers and buttons. 222 will be sure to stop by both your pits so we can honor a great man and friend.

This is just a thought, Akash, but maybe you guys could have a notebook or something for the teams to sign when they pick up their decals and their buttons in your pits. It would give people an opportunity to leave a thought and their team # and you could give it to the family after the Championship. It would also be neat to take photos of the robots with the decals on them. That would be cool.

Wishing you all the best with this beautiful tribute,

Thanks for the idea, Jane. I will try to get a nice scrapbook or notebook for that. :slight_smile: If you have something that would look better than a college notebook please bring it by.

If you trust me to do that, I will, but I really think something like one of those black and white composition books would be fitting. I’ll get something in the morning and come find your pits (11 and 1089) on Thursday a.m.

We had some time issues with pounding out the buttons on Tuesday (we wanted to make sure we had the green light to distribute them before we mass-produced them), so we’ll be finishing them up Wednesday evening in Atlanta. We’ll have all of the parts and tools with us, so cranking them out should be a non-issue. We should have a couple hundred Thursday morning, with a total of up to 800 by the end of the day Thursday.

I think the composition book is a great idea.
I will pick one up in the morning!

okie doke…if you run into problems, lmk, I’m good til about 11 a.m. your time.

1323 would love a sticker. As we worked with 103 in 2006.

I just wanted to make sure, if there’s anyone you know who didn’t receive a sticker in Atlanta please send me a PM. I will try to have more for any offseasons we attend.