In need of 2005 RC

Our team is trying to up keep our previous robots. Due to the passing of time, our RC from the 2005 robotic season is no longer working. We are looking for a team that could donate an unused controller from that year or allow us to purchase it from them. With this part, we can better teach the next year of students with demonstrations and hands on work with them. Also when we are looking for funds, the robots help the company to understand what is all involved in the building of a robot.

Hate to see an unanswered request.

These controllers do not go bad from age. The RC will accept millions of rewrites before the memory goes bad. You should be able to reload your code or the default code. If you have a faulty RC, IFI will repair or refurbish it. You can find their info here.

Two words - VEX Controller

The VEX controller is essentially the same as the 2004/2005 RC you could
run your robot with that very well. Plus you won’t have to plug in the OI for
demos. :eek:

The physical condition of the controller is the main problem.

What is wrong exactly?

There was a wireing issue with a new student, and it was reverse polarized.

Mainly we are looking for the RC to make our robot opperational again.

Your best bet is to try an send it back to IFI and have them fix it.

Thank you all for your help.

Good luck this year