In Need of (3) 6" Vex Omni-Wheels!

Hi everyone!

So the vendor that we ordered these vex omni-wheels from just canceled our order, and now we are 3 short. Does anyone have any other suggestions on where to get these, or is willing to sell / donate their omni-wheels to Team 4322, in Orange, CA? Thank you to anyone who could help us out! :smiley:

-Team 4322, the Clockwork Oranges

AndyMark has a number of nice 6" Omniwheels in stock. click on the 6" page

good luck!!

I would suggest giving VEX a call to see when the 6" inch omni wheel will be in-stock. Otherwise it looks like you will need to find a different wheel to use.

We have 3 that we could give up, but we would have to ship them :confused: