In need of a goal

Hello to all of our CD forum readers and posters -
The Chiefs are in need of a little assistance. For the upcoming CDI on the 17th of November, we are short 1 goal and wondered if there was any team that could loan us one. We need a goal from last year and will arrange for pick up and return. Preferably in the local area (within 50 miles of Pontiac). If you are willing to loan us one please contact us asap. Thanks and keep on posting!

You are more than welcome to borrow Team 535’s goal. We were going to loan it to a rookie team but they found one closer to home. The only problem is, is that we cut our goal in half to make it easier to transport in a my mini van. We were going to use 8 PVC splices to hold the two halves together. If you would like to borrow it, I can meet you in Waterville, Ohio next Friday at about 5:00 local time (we are both on the same time now :slight_smile: ).
Let me know if this will work. I monitor this website through the day. Or you can e-mail me here at or at my home addy

Wayne Doenges

The HOT team has one we can give away. It wouldn’t be very tough for us to bring it to Pontiac Northern tonight for the OCCRA competition. Call me at 248-685-6366 or e-mial at if you want us to do this.

Jim and Wayne,
Thanks for the quick responses. I can’t get to the OCCRA event tonight, but I will contact Jim to make arrangements to meet and pick up the goal. Wayne, thanks for the offer and I’ll keep your offer in the hip pocket as a backup plan just in case. I’ll be contacting you in a few days.