In need of a good video.

Hey all, it’s been a while since i posted here as i graduated last year.

I was a referee this year at the SPBLI regional (tough job) and i was unfortunately not able to take any videos. I’m in the process of stirring up some FIRST fever over here at stony brook university and i need a video showing what FIRST is all about. Doesn’t have to be the most exciting round of all time but something showing what it’s like to be at the competition.

Links are greatly appreciated =)

Thanks in advance!


Try this link to the Newsday website.

Search the term “robot” uner the videos and you’ll come up with 2 hits. One is from this year and 1 from last year. At least this will be a start for you, good luck getting some interest started up at Stony Brook.

Best Linkage Ever

Good luck and have fun:)

Hey!! yea…use that link. I have a presentation this Thursday to show our school board what FIRST is all about. Im planning on using the kick off video and the Promo video. Both of them are awesome. :smiley:

Do you have some sort of copy of that presentation?