In Need of a Robot Cart at the Championship

Team 1058 isn’t able to drive or take a bus to the Championship this year since we mentors can’t take off that much time from work so we are flying out. Without a trailer/bus our ability to pack equipment was forced to what we could reasonably get in our crate and we managed to get our essentials in.

Our large cart did not make the cut for crate space so we were wondering if any team in/near St. Louis or one with extra space heading to the Championship might be able to help us out with a robot cart to get to/from the field.

Let us know if you might be able to help us out!

oh my god brendan do you want furry cart

Wil we would graciously accept Furry Cart. :wink:

Can I get a picture of this?




I sent you a PM. We should be able to bring a cart for you to St. Louis in our trailer.


We asked for a cart at pit admin last year and somebody was kind enough to donate a spare dolly they had. You can always try asking there if nothing else works.

~$70 will get you one of these and I can tell you that work great as impromptu robot carts and they take up very little space.

But he’s either junking it or paying more money to ship it back.

He could give it to a neighbor team driving their stuff down and back, but at that point, that neighbor team could probably take their cart in the first place.

Interestingly enough, in the same vein as teams that turn the top/bottom/side of their crate into a cart, you could buy a set of castors and a rope and turn a side of your cart into a crate.