In need of CANivore! Willing to pay!

We are in desperate need of a CANivore, we need ASAP we will do anything to get this device, we will pay, will go to you, anything. Literally willing to hope on a flight tonight.

Please contact our mentor, @bchina a

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Please contact me


Ok, I have to ask. What exactly is the issue you are having that makes you absolutely require a CANivore right away to the point where your willing to hop on a flight tonight?
Maybe its a issue that can be fixed another way.

CTRE has them in stock, and offers next day air shipping. Not sure if that’s fast enough for you or not.

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We are in Canada and next day shipping is not available in here

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You literally need it in the morning?

Yes, we need it asap

@MathiasP @bchina I see you are in British Columbia. We could sell you one of our CANivores and you could drive down to the Seattle and have it tomorrow (Saturday).


@MathiasP There are a number of places in Point Roberts, Blaine and other border crossings, just on the U.S. side that will receive packages for you for a nominal fee. I found a bunch by searching Google Maps for “PO box”. That would be a much shorter drive than going to Seattle. A schoolmate used one to bring in a bunch of HP calculators back in the 80’s.


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