Posted by Brian .

Student on team #56, Robbe Xtreme, from Bound Brook High School and Ethicon Inc…

Posted on 6/19/2000 4:27 PM MST

Anyone who is creative,
My team 56 is trying to find a way for our robot to hang on the bar and we want to put the hooks in the middle and still clear the 30’ bar but one problem we are currently 29 inches and 3/4 so no room to manuver, we had the hooks on the back of our scissor jack during the season and when we hung we sagged down so we are currently trying to find a way to hang and not sag,we are looking for something that will allow us to clear the 30’ car and hang so please help
so if anyone can help me with ideas pelase email me and if u have questions email me at [email protected]


P.S. Any help or ideas are appreciated

Posted by Justin Stiltner.

Student on team #388, Epsilon, from Grundy High School and NASA, American Electric Power, Town of Grundy.

Posted on 6/19/2000 8:30 PM MST

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What about having a winch on the chassie of your bot and the cable running up to the back of your sizzor jack like you said before but have the hook velcroed to the jack and when you hook on the bar the hook will rip off the jack and the winch shuld be able to lift the bot high enough to clear the ramp. You might need to play with different winch locations to find a good hanging attitude.

Justin Stiltner
Team #388
Grundy Va,

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Student on team #1, The Juggernauts, from Oakland Technical Center-Northeast Campus and 3-Dimensional Services.

Posted on 6/20/2000 1:53 PM MST

In Reply to: Re: IN NEED OF HELP PLEASE RESPOND!!! posted by Justin Stiltner on 6/19/2000 8:30 PM MST:

Why don’t you just give up the limbo and brave flying across the ramp likes such greats as HOTBOT and Rage?

Maybe that was just my stab at a suggestion. Take it in stride.