In need of Information...

Hi…I’m a senior at the Saginaw Career Complex in Saginaw, MI and I’m also a 2nd year member of team 703 Inferno (formerly sasquatch…or bigfoot, whichever is easier to spell). I am in need of information about the past FIRST games. I am doing my senior project around FIRST robotics. I’m drawing this coming years robot piece by piece using Inventor. Part of the project requires me to do research about my project and that’s where I need help. I need to research all of the previous years’ games. I’ve looked many places and all I seem to be able to find is information relating to 2003’s game, which I already knew. If anyone knows of a good reference, please e-mail me at Your help would be highly appreciated.

What kind of information are you looking for ?
Past parts, Game rules, Competition results, All of the above???

I’d like to get information dealing with the past games and rules for those games. What I mainly need to do is just write a short summary of what past robots had to do and what kind of rules and guidelines they had to follow. I found somewhere (can’t remember right now) a page long summary of last years competition that seems to be useful, along with a map of the playing field. It would be great if I could get a playing field map for each game too. Again thanks for your help.

Here’s 2002.

FIRST archives are here:*/

This one goes back to 1992:


Thanks for the links. Much better than what I found. :smiley: