In need of Inventor download of 8" andy mark black plastic omni wheel

Hi there, I’ve been searching for a file download of the Andy Mark 8" black plastic omni wheel.
I’ve looked on their website and found two downloads but none of them seem to be the inventor assembly of one, I’ve also searched all of the web for it too.

I was hoping that somebody here would have a download file of the wheel for inventor. I thank any and all :D!!

Save the .stp file from AndyMark’s website (right-click, save as). Then Open the file in Inventor. It will import everything correctly assembled. Simply add that assembly to other assemblies and voila! As with all of their CAD files, this should work for you.

Or go here:

Well, that sounds a lot easier!!:smiley: Thanks a lot for the help! I’ll post again if there is any difficulty.