In need of NEO Brushless v1.1 motors and Spark Max motor controllers

FRC 9143 is looking for teams that have extra NEO brushless v1.1 motors and SPARK MAX motor controllers and are willing to sell. These items are currently out of stock for possibly several months, and we’re trying to build our first swerve chassis after coming out of our Rookie season in 2023 with a robot that had a West Coast chassis. We’re open to purchasing one or several items from teams that respond, and we’ll cover shipping costs. Please respond back with any questions or comments. Thank you so much in advance for helping!

I don’t know about the SPARK MAX, but I believe that the Neos will be restocked in the next few weeks because on the REV thread they said that the Neos are currently in transit. We are in the same boat as you right now.

EDIT: this is from the REV thread “ NEO and Spark MAX are both in transit to us now so expect them back in stock in the near future.”

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That thread/post as easy reference for others:

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