In need of PWM Cables! SOON!

Where can I source the PWM cables? I need them today or tomorrow at the latest. I have called a few hobby stores, but cannot neccesarily find enough or the right length (36"+) at any one particular store. I could go to a few stores and buy all of the ones they had, but I thought I would ask and see if there is a local retailer (in so cal) that I could find a large quantity at (10 or more) or even an online retailer that could have them to us by tomorrow.


you can get the connectors and pins from Digikey and make your own cables - but I dont think they can overnight them to you this late in the day

do you have an old bot that you can snarf them from until you get replacements?


Try You can buy bulk cable from them and the conectors.

-Jon Pannell