In need of spare Bosch AHC-2 6004.RA3.194-06 12V Seat motor


Team 1786, “The Robotics Team” is in need of a Bosc AHC-2 12V 6004.RA3.194-06 seat motor to use as a spare in the event that the one we own and are using looses it’s magic smoke during tournament.

I know a couple of people have asked here and it doesn’t look like there are a lot of these floating around. If anyone has one of these taking up room in their “we’re never going to use that” box, please let me know, we would much appreciate the opportunity to purchase/beg for a spare one.

Alternatively, if anyone happens to know what make/model/year cars these are used in and happens to have a have a spare car of that type that they are not actively sitting in, or adjusting seats of we can talk too…