In order to ensure a F.I.R.S.T future for Southgate

Hi folks, I’m a senior at Anderson High School in Southgate Michigan. This was our first year in F.I.R.S.T, and the staff that helped, along with the students, were very impressed and wish to continue on with it in our school. Although I am graduating this year, I still plan on staying involved and coming back to mentor the students that go through the program. The problem we’re having is trying to raise awareness in our school, and community in order to get more people to become involved as well as more funds. If any of you have any ideas on how to help, or would like me to further explain, please post it here, or send it in a private message.

Thank You,
Corcarter, and the 2620 robotics team.

Go to for a boatload of info, white papers and resources for anything related to team building, team dynamics, fund raising and many many other ideas to run a successful FIRST team, FRC, FTC, FLL…all levels.

Uh… I think you may have meant the other site took me to pictures i would look at if i smoked while listening to pink floyd ; ) but thanks, you pointed me into the right direction for the site, and it seems to be a good resource.

D’OH! :ahh:

I hate it when that happens! You got what you needed. That’s the important part.