In Search of 2X1X.100 VersaFrame/Subsitute

Hey Chief!
As all have probably seen the 2X1X.100 Aluminum VersaFrame is currently out of stock. I was curious if any other teams out there have a subsitute for if. Thanks in advance!

2x1x.125 would be the easiest to source replacement.

2x1x.063 wall apparently isn’t available in some parts of the country, and the typical online resellers are out of it.

I’m fairly certain WCProducts has both of the above.

I have been scrambling to find versaframe 2x1 tube for a while, and no local teams seem to have any extra. We ended up just looking for a local warehouse/ distributor that sells 16th in on google and found some in our area. Its not going to have the exact thickness or features as versaframe, but it gets the job done.

Could you drop a link?

2x1 is a standard size of Aluminum tubing.

It appears that you’re in the Detroit area. A quick google for “Detroit metal supply” shows these people: and

as places that might have it.

Note that you’ll get the same outside dimensions, but you won’t get the .100 thickness (that seems to be a Vex special) although you can get 1/16 and 1/8. You also won’t get the pre-drilled holes or the line indents every 1/2". So, it’ll be a little more work to deal with.

McMaster carries 2x1x0.125wall 6061 and 6063 tubing.
McMaster also carries 2x1x0.63wall 6063 tubing.
Finding 2x1x0.63 6061 tubing will be a challenge at this point.

As of yesterday, Online Metals was getting a shipment in at LA. We had an open order with them for awhile and they where nice enough to give us free 2-DAY shipping from LA. I would CALL THEM ON THE PHONE though…because their website always shows it is in stock, but it’s not…they had an abundance of 3 feet long sticks as of yesterday as well.

We have plenty of 6061-T6 tubing here:


Have you checked Schupan? Looks like they have some .125 in Kazoo:

(I’m checking to see if we have any extra as well)


Thanks I didnt know you sold this.

We are going to purchase 1/8in thick 2x1 box tube and machine it today for our practice bot, and if shipping is not ridiculous (we live on the other side of the country) we will definitely consider WCP for 1/16

Online Metals definitely got a run on their 2x1 from somewhere, and I think it was all of us. I know that this doesn’t effect most of you, but local teams in the Colorado front range can get 6061 in both 1/8" and 1/16" at Alreco in Brighton. I just drove there this morning and picked up a couple sticks, and they have a whole bunch of it in stock.

We ordered some aluminum from WCP couple days into build season because after doing the math, Also (local metal retailer) and McMaster couldn’t even come close to The same price. Shipping was more than either but we found out for the amount we were buying, it would be a flat rate of $44, so we bought 60 ft I believe. It took about a week and a half, almost 2 from the time we ordered to get here but we ordered early since we expected that.

Nick - I was confusing you with the Twisted Devils (Gull Lake)
, but Schupan might still be an option for you.

We just got our frame and elevator back from the platers. We made both items from 1x1 and 1x2 .060 6061 alum tube.

We are so happy we decided to use the .060 thk material.

Half the weight of .125 yet lightweight and strong.

Alro Metals in Detroit has basically what you are looking for. 2x1x.0625