In Search of a Job.

Well to spare a sob story. life hasnt gone as well as it could have. got a job durring high school, trying to save up for college. never got enough even with all the scholarships. graduated in 2011. been working full time at the same place. with no sugnificant money… friends are getting hired at higher rates than me.

so i am looking for a job that will help me pay for college. im stable where i am, im mentoring a FRC team (stress reliever). so its not a rush. Hopeing to stay living in NW Connecticut. but willing to drive far for work.

anyone have any hints on where to start. I have a Diploma, and Certificate for CAD/Drafting. (Graduated a Technical High School) Who should i talk to? Im hopeing Pratt, or any UTC company would help me.

PS. I know Labview, C++, Inventer, Solidworks, MS Office, I lover to “Tinker” + Build. I can fix pretty much anything. and i am willing to work as much as i can.

You probably know this already, but a job search is more than just hoping for a break. I would suggest reading about how to perform a proper job search in today’s market. This article might be helpful:

This guy writes for our local newspaper here in Northern New Jersey and always has very good advice. He also runs a job coaching business and teaches at the graduate level at a local University. In other words he knows what he’s talking about.

The best advice I can give you is to identify what it is in life that you like to do the most, and then find a company that has people on the payroll doing that or something similar. Then apply there explaining why you want to work for them.

Good luck.

Do you have a well-presented resume? If not, that would be a good first step.

As Don said, it is really a process. Without higher education experience, it is possible to get a decent job in CAD/drafting, but you may need some unpaid level internship experience first.

Once you’ve created a resume, drop me a PM. Finding internships is relatively easy depending on your location. Paid positions will always be a bit harder to come by without work experience.

Just going to put this out there though - College loans aren’t always the Devil. High value degrees pay off. Scholarships + FAFSA financial aid + loans can all help. Be sure to do your homework on this as well.