In search of Pittsburgh Area Team to Mentor

Hey CD’ers,

I am a mechanical engineer at the National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh now, and I’d like to try and mentor a local area team. Anyone have some leads for me.

Thanks Everyone!


Gabriel Goldman

117 - Taylor Allderdice High School
1743 - Singularity Clark LP/Caterpillar Inc & City Charter High School
2618 - Shady Side Academy
2641 - Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School
2644 - North Catholic High School
3108 - Peabody Robotcs 9th Graders High School

I would recommend 1743 as they seem to be the only team with a solid way to contact them. Best of luck =)

You can also use this to search for other teams in the area.

Check out this map of the Pittsburgh teams. It’s not a lot to go on, but hopefully you can find one that work for you location-wise. PM me and I can give you a contact for any of the teams.

We’re going through a bit of a regional leadership change this year, so I’m not sure who to direct you to otherwise, sorry.


I’m also an employee at NREC, and I’ve been heavily involved in local team development for the past four years. Drop me a line and we can chat.

You may want to also contact the Western PA Regional Director, Edward Smith ([email protected]), who can put you in contact with any of the teams, and probably knows who could benefit from your help. Welcome to FIRST! (or welcome back, if you aren’t new)

At least we made the map, since we didn’t make Akash’s list. 2656 is based at Gateway High School, in Monroeville, PA. We have 20+ students on the team this season. Our website is Feel free to contact us, we’d be interested in meeting with you.

Hey, Gabe, Carnegie Mellon … not too shabby! :smiley: