in search of week 0

Hello CD, i have been looking for a list of week 0 events and cannot find one anywhere. I was hoping there was one in driving distance for my team to attend before bag and tag. We are a team from northern Alabama and any help would be appreciated, thanks.

We’re having a EU week zero in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a couple of teams!

Can your car drive over water? :smiley:

If you can’t find one, make one! We didn’t have one in our area until we started hosting one in 2014. All you need for basic scrimmage matches is a half-field; we use the wood field components we make for testing in build season. Invite some local teams, and do half-field scrimmages. Sell concessions, invite the general public, and send formal invitations to community leaders. It’s a great fundraising opportunity too; we raised around $4000 from it last year. I’m not the one in charge of managing our week 0, but if you’re interested in setting one up yourself, I may be able to put you in contact with the mentors who organize it.

Why, yes it can!

That’s a great idea! We’ll look in to the possibility of creating our own immediately.

Our machining/fabrication mentor actually owns a real Amphicar! He’ll get a kick out of this thread.

We are going to the Suffield Shakedown in Connecticut. Its an 18hr drive from you guys tho so probably not the best.

That one is a little more legit then most of the Week 0’s if not all of them.
For a week 0 a half wood field would work so you could contact some teams around you and collaborate to do one yourselves.

I would say come to Week Zero in Merrimack New Hampshire but that’s a long drive and we’re already filled up.

GeorgiaFIRST is hosting 4 scrimmages on Feb 20-21 in Marietta, Atlanta, Columbus, and Albany… I’d look into those. Judging from where your team is, it looks like a three hour drive.

Yea, based on your location I would recommend heading over to one of the Georgia FIRST scrimmages. There’s usually bunches of teams, the full field and sometimes snacks.

Previously when there was only one scrimmage, the Head Ref would sometimes make an appearance :wink:

Does anyone know if there are any week 0 events in Florida?