In the last 30 secs of game ...


I dont understand

Edit: AH! now I understand! the for some reason the last time I was in here all it said was “POLL TIME!!!” but didnt show the poll. So I was quite confused.

Where is the “2 or 3 of the above” option?

It will change every match based on alliance partners and the current score.

you left off guarding in front of the other teams home row to keep them from getting behind the line to elevate themselves. But I agree with James, strategy changes dependent on your alliance and your opponents.

I agree - obviously placing a spoiler to break a row of 8, or to complete a long row, would be much better than a 15 or even 30 point bonus. But if there are a lot of singletons about, then absolutely go for the lift.
Personally, I would like to have seen a bonus for number of robots in the home zone, with an increase for elevation.

I think that placing a spoiler will be a big thing for most of the teams near the end of the match. But then again it all depends on the situation of the match. I think…
If a team is wining and they are confident:
They will go for the bonus points and lift their alliance members up

If a team is lagging behind and every second counts:
They will try to take control of the spoilers and place them somewhere optimal for their alliance.

thats my 2cents, everyone has their own plan.


I think lifting two robots 12" when there isn’t a row of 4 or more on the board is a great stategy and spoiling patterns of four or more is the only way to avoid losing by a great amount.

I completely agree with this. Even if your robot does one of those things, it depends more on what the rest of your partners can do and how the score / placement of rings are at that time… It will be very interesting to see what happens!! I can’t wait!!!

You also forgot the remove spoiler option :wink:

I think the last 30 seconds will be filled with raisin robots and spoiler action

Two robots in the air. 60 pt pwnage.

better yet. two robots with spoilers on their arms and a foot off the ground and another robot with another spoiler lifting them up.

thats pwnage

I’m pretty sure there are only 3 robots a team. One of the three has to be on the ground, and I highly doubt the other team is going to take an offsides penalty to give the other team 90 pts.

Well i guess if an alliance is going for the lifts…they will probly need more than 30 secs. because im guessing it will take some time and power to lift 2 robots.( plus its not like the robots will by some sort of “magic” be lifted up, in the last few secs of the game)

Lets say your drive is spec’d out to 12 ft/s which is a little fast, but easy for doing math…To “get lifted”, or in my mind as I see it, climb a ramp which is probably something like 4 feet long, assuming some loss for going up hill, it shouldnt take you longer than a second to get up there. If were talking ramps, the lifting is as quick as you can climb, and were plannin on climbin pretty fast

If you design a pneumatic lift system with appropriate solenoids, you can indeed have it activate “magically” as your robot is disabled at the very end of the match.

Yes i guess, i forgot about that. lol >_<

Technically, based on the Team Update #1, that alliance wouldn’t receive any bonus points. I’m pretty sure that spoilers are ELEMENTS of the field. :ahh:

In my opinion, the last seconds of the game are the most critical. There are many ways to have massive point swings, and decisions will have to be made on the spot. Field awareness is key this year more than ever in my opinion.

C’mon people keep voting you know you want to! (^_^)v