In the rules does it say????

Does it say in the rules how many rounds there is for each team in the QF rounds???

The past few years it has varied between regionals and the championship event… Regionals with more robots will probably have less rounds per robot… I’m guessing there’ll be 12 or so qualifying rounds per robot at most regionals

No, this is something that is determined by each regional. It all depends on how many teams are there and how much time there is to squeeze them in. At VCU, we had 7 or 8 rounds…

ya I just sorta wanted to know how many you get for ur dollar. ussually more then 7 though rite what is the normal amount.

It varies depending on the number of teams signed up for that regional. The time is the same for all regionals.

so it is better to go to a smaller competition it sounds more rounds. o well! T-Ton!!!

Our competition last year had 9 rounds, one more than they expected, but the drawback was that it cut into our lunch breaks =(

i rather have another round instead of a longer lunch

Fine. You can skip your lunch, but as for myself and the rest of my team, we aren’t giving up our break (not even part of it).

I could go an entire regional without eating. :smiley:

*Originally posted by evulish *
**I could go an entire regional without eating. :smiley: **

Except for the occasional Dew or Red Bull, no? :smiley: