In the spirit of district champs shenanigans

I hope everyone had a blast at comps this year. This is my last year on the team, and still FRC is entirely about making new friends and memories and NOSTALGIA for me (and cooking up fatty dubs, occasionally). If you had even one really fun time with new people, you’ve done heckin well, who cares about your robot.
For people who are progressing to champs, I want to share a lil clip of some fun my friends and I had last year’s PNW champs to hype us up for the fun of champs. I swear I cant remember a more fun time than staying in our hotel at champs, madly coding fixes with the whole app sw team at midnight, playing cards against humanity on a friend’s bed, running around the bridges of spokane. You get to hang out with your teammates like never before.
I urge you all to pull shenanigans, explore the town at night, and host a dance party for the whole team in one person’s tiny hotel room.
(start the video at 2:36)
PLEASE share the competition memories/clips you hold most dear in this thread <3 m


In 10 years, you won’t remember your ranking score. But you will remember this.


I’d encourage you to consider what town and what time of night, and involve your mentors in this process.


And locals who know what areas are safe and what areas are not.

For reference, there are some areas adjoining the venue for Houston Champs that I warn visitors not to venture into at any part of day. There are other areas where they are relatively safe during the day but one may encounter drunken revelers at night.

I have also encountered dramatically increased police presence (groups of officers on every street corner) during some events taking place in the areas where a lot of the hotels are. Note there is a big concert taking place that weekend nearby.


Ok, I’ll bite … where?

My 20-something son spent all of practice day last year wandering around the area and didn’t see anything “scary”.

Did he go slightly south east to the area under I-69?

We were advised by locals to avoid that area and one of our former mentors who chose to ignore that suggestion did not feel scared but did not enjoy his two brief journeys through.


I like this idea. I remember last year was my first in FRC, and I cherish the memories of DCMP, when we convinced our lead mentor to let us in the pool after many times of us asking.

Also, I’m happy we got to play with you guys week 1! You guys are a great team and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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I stayed south of the venue and walked under the highway every day last year. As a 23 YO Male who went to college in Newark, NJ I was comfortable, but I would totally understand why someone would not be.

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Probably–he was playing Pokemon Go, so he wandered all over. And that’s where I parked my truck for the last day (after checking out of the hotel).

Mostly the courthouse district in downtown. Maybe not “scary,” but there’s usually a lot of homeless people in that area. There also was a homeless encampment near GRB, but that’s largely been cleared due to the city working with local homeless advocacy groups to move them to shelters. I’ll also add that Houston is a big city (4th largest in the country). Just like any big city, you’re going to have crime issues. Stay in groups and stay aware of your surroundings.

its always a blast seeing what students do at DCMP when the season has been long and their sleep hours have been sacrificed


Your PNW Volunteer Crew is also big into DCMP Shenanigans…

(And that is just one year…)


When dcmp falls on April fool’s


So much win in one photo!!!

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My favorite part is that the blue cones are on the red side and the red cones are on the blue side.


As others have stated, there are a number of homeless shelters 6-8 blocks to the northeast of GRB, mostly around Minute Maid Park. I have also seen some drug rehabilitation facilities in the area to the west of Minute Maid Park.

There are also some large homeless encampments in the open areas under the elevated highway (Hwy 69) to the north of GRB.

Most of the homeless people don’t want to cause trouble but running into one who does is likely to not be pleasant.

The area around Main Street between Prairie and Franklin has a lot of bars. I recall some friends getting hotels in this area through the booking agency FIRST uses. Most of the patrons don’t cause problems but, unfortunately, some do.

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I hope we see something on this level this upcoming weekend.

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Don’t worry, the pickle jar will return.

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Thats always my favorite part of going to States and Worlds…not even the robots, but the fun that is had in hotel rooms and after comp hours. Last year at States, our team found a ‘Clue room’ (basically a small, sketchy room in our hotel, decked out with old Clue looking decor) that we had so many shenanigans in. We took drills and just started making laurels all the way down the hallway, had a hair braiding train, and frantically inputting scouting data (because we had to transition to paper due to lack of wifi). Looking back, we probably were so loud to people in the hotel who were trying to sleep…but it was fun!

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Your head referee and FTA were staying there. You really don’t want them grouchy the next day.