In-Training vs Shadowing

What are everyone’s opinions about the new In-Training and Shadowing processes FIRST announced in the blog?

I’m interested to hear specifically what people think about the division between which roles are eligible for In-Training, and which ones for Shadowing. Also anyone who has been through this sort of process “unofficially” in the past… I’d love to know how it’s helped you adapt to your role!

I know back when I first became an LRI, the plan was to have me do some in-training that year (unofficially, before it was an actual process from FIRST)… but they needed to bump me up quicker than expected. I managed not to screw anything up, but I definitely didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, and I probably let the whole thing stress me more than it should.

Since then, I’ve tried to arrange In-Training for all of the new LRI’s in MN as we’ve brought them up. From what I’ve seen, they’ve all had successful experiences once they put on the vest, and I’d at least like to think that the year of training we did before they got the vest helped.

I’ve had some unofficial In-Training, and have opened up a shadow program at a local offseason for some positions. It REALLY helped when I was able to be in places I’d need to be later.

I think that it’s great that it’s available, and there’s an official process. The limits are a little much for the Shadow, but I can see why they’re there.