In-wheel skateboard

A very cool use of in-wheel motor technology? I’m 60 and I want one of these bad boys:)

That looks amazing! I wish I had seen it on kickstarter before it ended! They want $1400 for it and they are taking preorders, but estimate it won’t ship until January/February. I would want time on it in decent weather though, but would totally bring it to champs if I got one.

This thing is pretty amazing! I have no interest in a skateboard, but it is very cool from an engineering standpoint.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to show my engineering class.

Also, It’s really cool to see the in-wheel technology. My team enjoyed the in-wheel motor design by 2451 PWNAGE a few years ago. Its awesome to make that connection from what students are seeing in FRC to a product they could buy.