Inappropriate Language and FIRST values

I have noticed a few reveal videos this year that contain what most people would consider inappropriate language in their music. I don’t think music like this reflects the values of FIRST (i.e. Gracious Professionalism) and may cause an outsider to feel repulsed by the community. I think teams should try to be better than the standard and choose music that is inspiring without being offensive. Full disclosure: I have a problem with bad language in music in any setting. The songs we listen to should have an element of beauty and harmony.

Ninja edit: I am aware that most teams meant no harm by the content of their videos. The point of this post is to raise awareness and fuel civil discussion.


Did you happen to do a search on this topic prior to creating a new thread? This has been rehashed every season.



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Idk I kinda like the videos this year. The music bops and the robots are crispy


I am not sure I understand.

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This comment might be the most peak Gen Z thing I have ever read. As a fellow Gen Z I approve


I don’t see what is current as what should be the standard. A lot of “current” practices are not the best.

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That’s your own opinion…
Many people love today’s music. There are volume buttons on most devices. If you turn it down you dong have to listen.


It’s FIRST’s opinion too. They don’t allow innapropriate music at competitions.

John William’s scores are inappropriate?


Absolutely agree. I think that people have a choice of what they put in there reveal videos, but they should be a bit more sensitive and if your going to use that kind of music, please put a warning in the post.

How do you arrive at this? Every year they do not allow music that contains inappropriate language.

Room Temperature Take: Nothing good will come from this thread.


I’d rather teams pick a song they feel represents the effort they put into their robot instead of picking something super safe that they don’t. 1 swear word in a song isn’t even that bad compared to a lot of what’s out there


absolutely, but I am trying to steer the choice to one more in line with GP

Is this how we make decisions now? When something is bad, one is too many! Its just not necessary to use bad language in songs.


We can’t control what people put in there videos, but we can ask for a warning of some sort.

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Bad*** robot deserves Bad*** music to compliment their bad*** video


Thanks for ignoring the main point of my post but sure go off


You’re probably right. Sorry for creating this mess.