Inaugural Mississippi Power FRC Beach Bot battle

Team Fusion 364 and Mississippi Power are hosting the inaugural Beach Bot Battle. The first FRC competition in Mississippi, being held in Gulfport MS on July 15th and 16th.

Initial invitations went out today, we are trying to keep it between 16 and 20 teams this year. Open registration will start on 1 June 2016,

Preliminary agenda

Friday July 15

11 AM to 3 PM Team Check in and Robot Inspection
12PM to 2 PM Breakout sessions
2 PM to 6 PM Practice Matches

6:30 PM to 10 PM Beach Bot Battle Social: Shrimp Boil, Human Foosball, Beach Volleyball, Corn Hole, Bon Fire

Saturday July 16
8 AM Pits Open
9 AM Qualification Matches (at least 10 per team)
12 PM Lunch
1 PM Qualification Matches resume
4 PM Playoff matches
5 PM Awards

My apologies,the dates on the flyer are incorrect; the event is July 15-16.

Looks like an amazing event. The Awtybots might look into attending. One of our regular events in Texas isn’t happening this year and we are looking to attend 4 off season events this summer.

Open registration is now available to any team that wishes to attend, we still have several spots open. Registration includes the Friday night shrimp boil and beach social.

Please email me at [email protected] to rsvp.

Updated Flyer.

Hey Clint, what’s the team list looking like?

It’s looking rough Chuck, we need to stir up some more teams if Mississippi is going to have an off-season event. I’m open to ideas, multiple robots?

Team Name Status
364 Fusion Yes
456 Siege Yes
2992 The SS Prometheus Yes
1421 Chaos Maybe
1912 Combustion Maybe
2080 Torbotics Maybe
2183 Tigerbots Maybe
3016 Wildcat Robotics Maybe

3946 is polling team members to see if we have enough interest. Put us down as a maybe.

Friday isn’t a deal breaker, if teams would rather just come over Saturday morning we can make that work.

If only we weren’t 10 hours away…


Ok, we are up to five teams coming for sure. We need a minimum of 12 teams signed up by the 20th of June for this to proceed. Please help us spread the word.

Would waiving the registration fee get more teams to sign up? We will refund money to teams that have already paid, if we go this route.

364 Fusion
456 Siege
2992 The SS Prometheus
1912 Combustion
4188 - Columbus Space Program

1421 Chaos
2080 Torbotics
2183 Tigerbots
3016 Wildcat Robotics

For right now, put 4901 as a maybe. I just need students to commit to the date.


In order to host the Beach Bot Battle, we must have a minimum of 12 teams committed to attend by the 20th of June. Team Fusion will refund each teams registration fee for all teams that RSVP by 10 PM on 19 June. The refund will be issued during the Beach Bot Battle.

These teams are currently committed.
364 Fusion
456 Siege
2992 SS Prometheus
1912 Combustion
4188 Columbus Space Program

We have 8 robots for the event as of tonight. We will make the call as to whether to have the event or not, at a 1 PM (6/21/16) meeting with our sponsors. If anyone is on the fence, please commit by noon on Tuesday (6/21/16) by emailing me at [email protected]

Current Teams
364 Fusion
456 Siege
2992 SS Prometheus
1912 Combustion
4188 Columbus Space Program (Two Robots)
3753 The BulahBots
1421 Chaos

It is with great sadness that Team Fusion and Mississippi Power have decided to cancel this summer’s off-season event. We just can not see having an effective competition with only 8 robots. Any teams that have already paid will be refunded in full.

However, Mississippi Power has graciously agreed to sponsor the Beach Bot Battle for June of 2017, we will put the exact dates out as soons as possible. Most likly a formal announcement will come at the FRC kickoff for this upcoming season.

Additionally we still have the venue reserved, and we would like to still have some type of event to bring our teams closer and play with some robots on Saturday, July 16th. What would you be interested in doing?

Just spit balling, but I thought teams could bring what field elements you could and we could have a scrimmage. Or we could break the kids up into brainstorming groups and have them plan a robot for games from years past.

Please let me know if your team is still interested in coming together on July 16th and what your team would like to do.