Inaugural SACOT Ask Me Anything livestream (AMA) this Saturday, October 24th at 5pm CST

Message from one of my student at FRC 2468.

Hi everyone! I’m Arohi from FRC 2468 and I’m the president of the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas ( or SACOT). Our SACOT team has been working on finding unique ways to virtually engage the robotics community during these trying times! We’ll be having our inaugural SACOT Ask Me Anything livestream (AMA) this Saturday, October 24th at 5pm CST and your team is invited to tune in and watch via the FIRST Updates Now Twitch channel! Our guest speaker for this first AMA is Patrick Felty, the Executive Director and President of FIRST in Texas! Mr. Felty has insight on all things FIRST and he will be answering all questions that are submitted to us throughout this week from our social media platforms!
There are two ways that you can participate in this event - 1) tune in and watch the livestream: on Saturday at 5pm CST and 2) submit questions for us to ask Mr. Felty on the stream via our Instagram (@sacotexas) story by typing your question in the question box or leave your questions on @sacotexas latest Twitter post in the comment section, and lastly you can leave your questions in the thread below of THIS post! If your team members have any questions about the upcoming season, how FIRST (TX and worldwide) and STEM education are being impacted by the pandemic, and more then please submit your questions to use on social media! Thank you and we hope to see y’all on the livestream this Saturday!


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