Inbounders feeding the balls and throwing

Does the same inbounder that throws the balls into the field have to be the one to vault the hail marry shots the last 30 seconds of the match, or can one of the other inbounders do it?

The inbounders may switch out upon necessity. (As long as no one steps outside of the boundaries and all additional rules are followed).

All three inbounders have equal rights and responsibilities. Any of them can enter the basketballs onto the field, as long as they do it in a legal manner.

We have found in many matches that each Inbounder has their own specific skill set. Some inbounders may specialize in bounce passing across the field, while others may have surprisingly good full court shot abilities. Mixing and matching for specific situations can help create an overall more effective Inbounder position.


Any of the Inbouders can throw. In fact you could have all three of them throw during the last 30 seconds.

Correct. In fact at Northville we inbounders (on our elimination alliance) had a strategy that involved swapping spots at various times during the match.

Yup. There is no problem. Down in Arizona, during the elimination rounds, 842’s human player fed through the slot, because he was so accurate that, from the inbound slot, he could hit 842’s intake when it was beside the fender, but I would throw over the top in the last thirty seconds, and I actually scored 5 points in those seven games. Yay! but anyways, as long as the balls are taken out of the corral immediately*, and no human player crosses any white lines, then it is ok.

*a quarter finals match in Arizona had 42 penalty points, all from leaving a total of 14 BALLS (i was at second queuing, so i watched,counted) in the corral until the last 30 seconds.


Saw some incredible full-court shots in CT today! Team 181 have 2 great shooters. I did see some hoarding of balls & let the ref know. Not the above team.